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Daily Feeding:

Feed 2x (twice) daily. Don’t overfeed. Fish should eat the food within a minute.

Treatment Period.

Marine Aquariums: Feed Ick-Shield pellets for at least 21 days.
Freshwater Aquariums: Feed Ick-Shield pellets for at least 10 days.

Note: Continue feeding your fish for the full treatment period (above) even if your fish seem recovered. The full treatment cycle is needed to disrupt the parasite lifecycle and reduce chances of a new outbreak.

After treatment, use fresh filter media to reduce remaining residue from Ick-Shield usage.


Important Advisories:

Food must not be consumed by anemones or coral. However, it will not harm invertebrates (such as shrimp, crabs, mollusks and others that don’t have a symbiotic relationship with coral.


Tips: Coral and Planted Tank Feeding Method

Use a baster or other means to carefully place place pre-soaked pellets on a cleared feeding area as away from corals as possible.

Observe the tank during the entire feeding period. Siphon or otherwise remove uneaten food from the tank promptly so that food is not dispersed to corals.

When Feeding: Turn off pump/powerhead and protein skimmer during feeding to avoid scattering of the pellets.

Recommend: Fish under stress are vulnerable and may bye given pellets as a prevention; stressors include changes to the environment or adding new fish to the tank.


The treatment is not effective if fish are not eating the pellets. For fish that are not eating, Ick•Shield Bath Solution Powder is the preferred treatment.

  • Ick•Shield fed to newly acquired fish kept in a quarantine tank for the full treatment cycle is recommended for prevention and to reduce the likelihood of outbreaks in you reef tank.
  • Even fish not showing symptoms may be treated in a quarantine tank prior to introduction in the tank. Use the full treatment.

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