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Requires a Hydros to Control the Unit

The HYDROS Dosing Pump is a simple and affordable way to automate the addition of liquid supplements, trace elements, and two-part solutions to an aquarium. Connect the Dosing Pump to any available HYDROS Control Drive Port for easy automation using the intuitive and straightforward yet robust configuration options of the HYDROS App.

HYDROS Dosing Pump Features

  • Quiet operation
  • Will not back siphon
  • >2,000 hours pump life
  • Accuracy of +/- 2%
  • Comes with HYDROS Drive Power Cable and 9.5ft of 3mm PVC tubing

IMPORTANT: DO NOT power multiple units from a single outlet if you wish to control them separately.

Pump Specs

  • Average Output: 43mL/min
  • Fluid Volume Range: 1mL - 6,500mL
  • Accuracy: +/-2%
  • Power: 12V (You CAN use a regular 12V power supply and connect it to a WiFi Strip Outlet)

Requires HYDROS Control with an available Drive Port to operate; sold separately

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