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Modular component for the Radion Mounting System allows endless customization options. The EcoTech Marine RMS Tracks allow convenient placement and installation of multiple EcoTech Marine Radion G4 Pro LEDs outfitted with the EcoTech RMS SIide. Channels on the track provide built-in power cable management to reduce unsightly aquarium clutter. Durable construction with anodized aluminum finish.

Sizing Guide RMS Track

Aquarium Length

20.5" (Mfg# XR703-0205) 18.5 - 28.5"
30.5" (Mfg# XR703-0305) 28.5 - 38.5"
40.5" (Mfg# XR703-0405) 38.5 - 48.5"
50.5" (Mfg# XR703-0505) 48.5 - 58.5"
60.5" (Mfg# XR703-0605) 58.5 - 68.5"

Flexible Design to Fit Your Needs

The EcoTech Marine Multi Light Radion Mounting System is a modular system. Simply choose the components you need to build a mounting system customized to your aquarium needs. Begin your custom Radion LED Mount with A) the EcoTech Arms Kit and then select B) the appropriate length EcoTech Marine RMS Tracks as well as C) the correct quantity and model of EcoTech Marine RMS Slides that suits your aquarium setup (each sold separately).

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