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Replacement Reagent Kit for Trident NP (2 Month Supply)

Keep your Trident NP Nitrate and Phosphate Tester running smoothly by replacing your reagents on time. This kit is easy to use with clear instructions for hassle-free reagent changes. These reagents ensure consistent and reliable results, covering a two-month testing period with one nitrate and one phosphate test per day.

Note: Given the nature of the chemicals used in the Trident NP Reagents, they must be shipped upright and via ground shipping only. Using a Trident NP Waste Container or other container made of HDPE Class 2 plastic or glass is required (sold separately).


What's Included?

Calibration Solution

NP Reagent 1

NP Reagent 2

NP Reagent 3a

NP Reagent 3b

Waste Neutralizer

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