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Founded in 2012, we are New Jersey’s leading aquarium service company and retail store. Our team at Reefco Aquarium Service will develop a custom application that meets each client's unique need for their home or office. We work closely with our clients, from concept to reality, to ensure their dreams are fulfilled. We provide our clients with state-of-the-art systems that are living works of art, where they can enjoy the beauty of having an aquarium in their living space. Not only is our team extremely knowledgeable, we are all hobbyist with our own aquariums and truly love talking fish and coral. We can provide first hand experience with our clients and support products that we use on our own systems.

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Aquarium Design and Installation
managed care

With our 15+ years of industry experience, we know what works! Starting from the beginning of the design process, we are mindful of our client's desires, and factor in what has worked for past and present installations. Utilizing the newest, most efficient technology, we provide our clients with systems that are quiet, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Ensuring that the cabinetry fits your home’s decor and surroundings, we provide furniture grade, prebuilt cabinetry, as well as a team of custom cabinet-makers. We have the ability to work seamlessly with your existing millworker to provide a display aquarium that highlights the beauty of the fish and coral.



Our Expert Visit Package is an on-site consultation with one of our lead aquarium service technicians. Our consultations are designed for new to the hobby and struggling, all the way to the aquarist who is hands-on with their aquarium but wants to have it reviewed by a professional. Designing and maintaining hundreds of aquariums yearly, we use our years of experience to make suggestions and tweaks to improve the quality of aquariums and livestock. Having a second set of eyes on your aquarium often results in picking up on things that may have been overlooked. We will guide you through some of the tricks of the trade and ways you can improve your maintenance routine. Everything from what you’re doing to how to achieve better results.

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Some of the features of our Expert Visit include:
- Comprehensive Life Support System Analysis
- Plumbing assessment
- Reverse Osmosis evaluation. TDS check.
- Equipment (maintenance and upgrade suggestions)
- Water flow analysis
- Apex programming assessment/troubleshooting and optimization (if equipped)
- Lighting assessment. Measuring the par throughout the tank using an Apogee Par Sensor
- Complete water quality analysis using a combination of digital test kits and quality lab-grade kits.
- ICP test and Reefco analysis available (+$75)
- coral placement suggestions
- fish health analysis

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The key to a healthy aquarium is regular care and consistency. Our primary focus at Reefco has always been providing our clients with an unmatched service, caring for our client’s aquariums. Our goal is for our clients to enjoy their aquariums while not being tied down to the maintenance upkeep involved with owning one. Our dedicated staff of long-time aquarists are trained to service residential and commercial aquariums alike, without disrupting your daily routine, so you can focus on what’s important to you.

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We only use lab grade kits and advanced methods.

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