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A unique mix of both oyster eggs and oyster ovarian tissue—the richest nutritional parts of the oyster found in nature.

Naturally size-appropriate and an excellent food for the smallest SPS Corals (such as Acropora and Montipora) up to LPS Corals (including Goniopora and Favites) and many other invertebrates. Particle size 1 – 200 microns.

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With high levels of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, Oyster-Feast has all the benefits and nutritional value of the eggs but in a wide range of sizes, down to 1 micron. Oyster-Feast is not heat treated so that all nutrients are preserved. Plus, it stays in suspension.


Oyster-Feast contains only oyster eggs, gonads and tissue—no meat—just the parts available in nature, so more for your money.


Thanks to the rich amino acid and lipid content, Oyster-Feast elicits a strong feeding response from corals, other invertebrates and fish. Even mysids, amphipods, isopods  and copepods go for Oyster-Feast. Oyster-Feast is a great "first course" for corals: Add Oyster-Feast first, then when polyps open to feed, add other Reef Nutrition feeds.


  1. Invert bottle to mix
  2. 1 – 2 teaspoons per 100 gallon tank per day. Add to a high flow area of the tank, or for target feeding, premix 4 parts tank water with 1 part Oyster-Feast.  Target Feeding undiluted product is not advised.
  3. Because different captive reef systems process nutrients at different rates, we recommend that new users start with half the recommended dose and slowly increase to the full dosage over a 1 month span.
  4. When you feed your corals other Reef Nutrition products along with Oyster-Feast, you can take advantage of this strong feeding response by first adding the Oyster-Feast and waiting a few minutes for the polyps to open up to feed before adding the other feeds.
  5. Note that color variations in this product are normal.


Oyster-Feast should be refrigerated (33-42°F / 1-5°C) before and after opening.

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