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  • Larry’s Reef Frenzy – Frozen

    ***Larry’s Reef Frenzy is only available to service clients***

    Reef Frenzy® has all the nutrients needed to feed your entire reef aquarium, in one 8 ounce package. There are other blended foods on the market but NONE of them compare to Reef Frenzy® when it comes to freshness, cleanliness, purity of ingredients and feeding response.

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  • PE Mysis Shrimp – Frozen Cube

    ***PE Mysis is only available to service clients***

    Piscine Energetics has released their popular mysis shrimp in blister pack form. This is the same freshwater mysis that you’ve bought before, but in a handy cube size for easy dispensing to your impatient hungry fish.  Mysis diluviana are rich in Omega 3 & 6 highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA), amino acids, antioxidants and are naturally gut loaded with Daphnia and phytoplankton.  This results in superior aquatic nutrition for your animals. – See more at:

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